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A Great British Brand - The Bremont Watch Company Posted on 23 Sep 04:45

Bremont Watch Company first launched its collection of sophisticated, aviation inspired timepieces in 2007 after 5 years in development. Founded in 2002 by two British brothers, Nick and Giles English, Bremont originated from the brothers’ joint lifetime love and passion for engineering and aviation.

Bremont Founders Nick and Giles English

The story of Bremont reads like fiction, but is very real indeed. It begins in 1995 following a tragic plane crash that Nick had with his father, Euan English. Whilst training for an air-show in the UK, their WWII Harvard aircraft was involved in a horrendous accident. Their father Euan died and Nick broke over 30 bones. This accident was a tipping-point in the brothers’ lives and provided the impetus to set up a watch atelier.

 Bremont Founders Nick and Giles English

Just a year after the plane crash, Nick and Giles were back in the air again, flying across France in a 60-year-old plane. Bad weather forced them to make an emergency landing in a pea field in the Champagne region. As fate would have it, the field was owned by an old farmer, who not only reminded the brothers of their late father, but who was also a former WWII pilot and just as passionate about aircraft as Nick and Giles. His farmhouse housed a wonderful selection of restored wall clocks and he wore a particularly special wristwatch, given to him by his father. His name, was Antoine Bremont. With his passions in life so closely mirroring those of the brothers and their father, it felt appropriate to choose Bremont’s name for the brand.


Nick and Giles’s objective was to make a watch that would last more than a lifetime. To that end, it had to be built from the best materials, using the most tried and tested techniques. Their watches would be tested above and beyond the demands placed upon conventional wristwatches. As a result, the stainless-steel case of each Bremont is made to an exceptional hardness of 2000 Vickers which is seven times that of an average steel watch case. The convex sapphire crystal is equally as hard and has nine layers of anti-reflective coating applied to both sides of the glass for increased legibility. Each Bremont watch must achieve accuracy to within - 4 and + 6 seconds per day. Bremont now finds itself in the top 10 of the world’s chronometer manufacturers.

The making of a Bremont watch

The making of a Bremont watch

The high standard of finish and attention to detail in every element of a Bremont watch is executed by the company’s meticulous craftsmen at its Henley-on-Thames HQ (opened in 2013).  In 2010, the company produced the B-1 Marine Clock, their first timepiece to be made entirely in England. The brothers set out to create a classic English-styled watch that could be worn in the boardroom or on extreme terrain. In addition to lab testing, each model is tried and tested ‘in the field’ by professional adventurers and explorers. Bremont is the watch of choice for military squadrons across the globe who approach the brand to develop purpose-built custom watches.

 Bremont MBIII

Late 2020 will see the company opening new headquarters in Henley, where state of the art facilities will bring manufacturing of parts and assembly under one roof. Historically, Britain was the pioneer of technical development throughout the last century and Bremont is proud to be at the forefront of the revival of British watchmaking.

 Bremont MBII Watches

As of September 2020, Sterling & Burke is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Bremont watches for the DC area. Watches are available to purchase both online and in store. Why not stop by and take a look at the collection in person, from the comfort of the club room at our Georgetown townhouse. Contact the store for an appointment or catch us during our regular hours of business. 

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 Bremont MBII Watches

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Tusting, What Sets Them Apart Posted on 7 Apr 15:45

Sterling & Burke is proud to carry the full range of beautifully crafted Tusting Leather Goods. We invite you to learn a bit more about this heritage brand and what sets their authentic British goods apart from the rest.



Tusting is a family company – not just in name, but in practice, too. The business is run by members of the Tusting family, and today they are just as passionate about their premium leather goods as their ancestors were about theirs. Purchasing a Tusting bag means you are part of the family – you’ll enjoy personal customer care, now and in the future.


tusting leather goods



Unlike most brands, Tusting bags are designed and manufactured from start to finish in their own factory. Tusting's knowledge and pride is invested in every step, from choosing the hide to the final polish. Their bags are made in Britain and always will be. Simple.


Tusting leather goods craft



Every one of their hand-crafted items comes complete with the Tusting promise: they will help care for your purchase for years to come. If prolonged wear and tear leaves your bag in need of repairs, you benefit from both Tusting and Sterling & Burke's dedicated, personal customer service.


Tusting Leather Goods Briefcase



Tusting's timeless leather bags and accessories are designed to delight for years, signature pieces that become more beautiful as you use them. Genuine leather is a highly sustainable material, and Tusting sources their premium quality hides from cattle raised for beef. This decision supports a minimum-waste policy, and diverts these beautiful hides away from landfill. Favoring tanning methods that use traditional, vegetable dyes, when they do choose leather that has been treated with modern tanning methods, they adhere to the highest quality and environmental standards.


Premium Leather



Making of a Budd Bespoke Shirt Posted on 7 Apr 15:45

A shirt maker has to create a garment which follows the customer’s exact measurements so that the shirt sits against the skin and follows every contour of the body. Budd Shirtmakers are one of the last remaining Mayfair establishments that can boast having its own working cutting room on site. The three cutters followed traditional apprenticeships into the trade and between them have over eighty years of experience.  The technique and tools they apply to their craft today remain unchanged whilst the experience, knowledge and fluidity continues to exceed expectations.

budd cutting table shirts

For those taking their first steps into the bespoke world we encourage you to visit with a cutter during one of their visits the the US. They will guide you through the process and advise you at each step. A proper taking down of measurements is required with over 20 measurements being made as well as looking at the way you stand, your build and the whole configuration of the shirt.

budd shirts cutting

Once you have undergone your examination and all choices have been made you bid farewell to your cutter, a paper pattern is made and a sample shirt is cut in their London shop. The sample shirt is sent 70 miles away to their workshop in Andover where it is sewn together by expert seamstresses. The shirt is then washed and then sent back to Picadilly.

shirting cloth

budd shirtmakers sewers

shirt initials

If you're partial to a bit of personalization, hand stitched monogramming is also available. On the left breast is highly recommended, on the hip is the 'Continental Way' or even on the cuff as many Americans prefer.

hand finished shirts budd

We advise you to take your sample shirt with you and wash it and wear it a few times. If any alterations need to be made a new sample shirt will be made and the process repeats itself. If not and everything is good to go we will give the go ahead to complete your order.

For your first bespoke order there is a minimum order of four shirts starting from £215 each.

If you would like to explore my products by Budd, please click here.


Tube Etiquette Posted on 2 Dec 10:48

There are many silent rules be known to a local Londoner that tourists find hard to fathom. During my last trip to London I was witness to tube etiquette first hand and so asked my local LONDON team for insight into the discreet yet fundamental rules of the underground. 


Here they are: 

  1. Don’t look anybody in the eye. If you do they will think you are a serial killer.
  2. Don’t smile. If you do they will think you are a sociopath.
  3. Don’t talk to anyone under any circumstance.
  4. If you feel ill do not pull the red emergency handle but quietly wait until the next stop before tumbling off train and vomiting silently into a paper bag. 
  5. If you are lucky enough to have a seat you must look up if new people enter a carriage and check to see if they are in a greater need of that said lucky seat. (Elderly, infirm, pregnant, child) Then offer your seat graciously and discreetly (nobody likes a hero). If your offer is refused then say you are “getting off at the next stop and apologize profusely” even if this is untrue and get up immediately. Be sure to mumble and look at your shoes in case someone thinks you are a sociopath. 
  6. Don’t lean on the doors it causes delays.
  7. Stand to right of the escalator.
  8. If you stand on the left you will get pushed up to the top with no consideration whatsoever of your own personal stamina.
  9. If you have a contactless bank card you need to use this by tapping on the yellow circle at the gate - make sure you tap in and out with the same card or you get over charged. 
  10. Have said card out and ready to tap at the gate or you will hear a lot of discreet “tutting” from angry commuters behind you. 
  11. There will be delays. They enjoy communicating these delays on a regular basis. After they list these delays (all but three lines are not mentioned) they cheerily add at the end “all other underground lines are offering a good service” 


A Guide to Dressing for Black Tie Posted on 7 Nov 14:15

As winter approaches and festivities are around the corner, the party invites will start to arrive, and many will require a dress code. If you’re heading to a black tie event this year then it is time to start thinking about your outfit – and you’re in luck, as Sterling & Burke turn to Budd for their expert advice.

Budd produces a striking array of fine quality pieces which will have you turning heads. Below is a guide to all of the elements you may require for the perfect black tie evening wear.


Firstly, you need to start with a dress shirt. A classic Marcella dress shirt is a perfect choice, in either plain or pleated - depending on your personal preference. White is a staple colour, but Budd also stocks a cream alternative in cotton or luxurious silk for a vintage impression. Marcella is usually stocked in a variety of collars; however, wing collars tend to be for white tie.

marcella black tie shirt

If you’re looking to add some individuality, then you may want to select some flamboyant dress studs and cufflinks available in sterling silver and cloisonne enamel, mother of pearl or precious stones.

Traditionally your tuxedo will consist of a black or deep blue dinner jacket with silk lapels and matching trousers. You may also opt for a smoking jacket in silk or velvet – but stick to rich, dark hues for this time of year. Pair your suit with black socks and dress shoes. Perhaps consider a shoeshine beforehand to ensure you look polished from head to toe.

Black tie requires a silk bow tie – in modern-day, many will don a colorful or patterned bow – however, it’s called ‘black tie’ for a reason. A Barathea will sit wonderfully with a Marcella dress shirt, it’s then your decision whether you purchase a self-tie or ready made.

black bow tieDon’t forget the accessories. Cummerbunds and braces are optional but are added detail guaranteed to smarten your look. Finally, add a pocket square – typically white, to complete the outfit.


black tie accessories

Get Your Downton On Posted on 18 Sep 11:41

To truly immerse yourself in to the world of Downton Abbey, proper dress code is required. The standard dinner code is white tie, precisely tailored.


If you are in the United States, looking for white tie dress, your options may be slim to none. For that matter, sophisticated and proper black tie may be almost as difficult to come by. Enter Sterling & Burke, your premier destination for Budd's formalwear. Refined and revered for over 100 years, they are the go to for black and white tie formal attire.


budd black tie

We personally appreciate the black or white tie code, there is no question or ambiguity. Shopping with Sterling & Burke you'll look your best and be able to wear these items for years to come. 


The traditional evening suit (black or dark blue with silk lapel facings and silk braid down the trouser leg), white dress shirt, plain oxford shoes (often patent leather) and black silk bow tie (preferably self-tied rather than pre-tied) is the default. However, there is room for adding color.

Now, with our growing selection of Budd formalwear, Sterling & Burke will be able to properly outfit you for your next black or white tie event. A personally selected package including shirting and the best accessories of your choosing, cufflinks & studs, bow ties, braces, silk scarves, and socks. A visiting tailor may even be of assistance with the suiting.


Evening shirts can be kept simple; Budd's tailored marcella shirt is a favorite, but you may prefer a pleated front.

budd marcella black tie shirt


You can add personality and interest with color, an excellent selection of sockspocket squares and cufflinks.

Shop Budd's Black Tie and Formalwear here.

Ghurka Leather Goods Posted on 1 Nov 16:25

We have had the pleasure of selling Ghurka leather goods for some time now, and enjoy the history and craftsmanship that the brand provides. 


It's hard to miss with a Ghurka leather business accessory - a classic Docket No 7 Portfolio or Examiner business bag, the same style your father carried, that breaks in with grace; or a completely updated profile, suited to a new generation. 

ghurka docket portfolio

When it comes to travel - weekends away or daily trips to the gym, the Cavalier II is the bag you want to carry. Versatile and can really take a beating, while only looking better for it. The brass hardware keeps the look updated with a classic silhouette. 

luxury leather duffle

Don't forget the No 101 Classic Wallet to round out your collection. A billfold built for everyday use, in a wide variety of classic and contemporary seasonal colors.

classic leather mens wallet



Since their founding, Ghurka has set out to manufacture the highest handcrafted leather goods available. This has always begun with using only the finest hides in the world. While there are endless varieties of leather available, only a handful pass the rigorous selection process required to bear the Ghurka medallion. Likewise, signature solid brass hardware and trademark stitching process ensure that their bags deliver an unparalleled owner experience and lifetime of use.

European Travel Notes Collection Posted on 12 Jul 15:41

A special customer wanted a special gift. A notebook for each country where he and his girlfriend intended to travel. 


Our team personalized each book with a country or city, as requested and a travel log for additional travel notes together.


Pocket sized leather notebooks are a wonderful way to keep a written record of your adventures abroad. Keep on your bookshelf, desk drawer, bedside, or siply a keepsake for years to come. 


It's wonderful to see how creative our customers can be. We are always here to help with the creative process as well!


leather travel noes books labeled country and travel log

How to walk with a Cane Posted on 28 Jun 06:54

What is the proper height for a cane?

An estimate of the proper cane length can be made by dividing an individual's height by two. For most persons, the right sized cane is within one inch of half their height.

How to measure for the proper length:

  • Put on the user's walking shoes
  • Have the user stand naturally upright as much as possible
  • Have their arms fall to the sides naturally with a normal relaxed bend at the elbow
  • Measure the distance from their wrist joint (bottom crease at the wrist) down to the floor. Round up to the nearest half inch.

For accurate length, we suggest a second person do the measuring.

How to determine the proper length for a cane / walking stick?
How to measure a cane / walking stick:

Measure the lowest part on the top of the handle to the bottom of the rubber tip. Round up to the nearest half inch.

How to walk with a Cane / Walking Stick:

Canes are not intended to be used like a crutch for full weight bearing. It's important you match your cane to your body type.

An important consideration in choosing a cane is to match the cane with the user's body size, so that the cane becomes the key to better mobility and safety for the user. Canes are not designed to substitute for bearing all the weight you normally would on your legs, such as crutches but to provide you with an extra foot on the ground for balance. The cane adds a third point of ground contact that alters the bio mechanics of walking to affect balance, relieve painful joints and provide stability to the user.

  • Grip the cane in hand on your "strong" side so it provides support to the opposite lower limb.

  • Take a step with the "weak" leg and move the cane forward at the same time.

  • Lean your weight through the arm gripping the cane as needed.

  • Ensure the weak leg leg assumes the first step, which holds the most weight, on level surfaces

  • The walking cane should be moved around 1 1/2 feet forward with each move.

Canes are intended to help with a users balance. A cane size is designed to be proportionate to a cane users body size. The cane's shaft size, handle size and construction are factors in determining a cane users size.

The History of the Bow Tie Posted on 7 Jun 14:44

It is said that the bow tie originated during the 17th century during the Prussian war where Croatian mercenaries used a scarf to hold their shirt together around their neck. This style was then adopted by the French, that they called 'Cravats' (from the word Croat), by the French Upper Class. The fashion then flourished during the 18th and 19th centuries.



There is a historical gap between whether the cravat evolved into the bow tie, or into the neck tie and then in turn the bow tie. However, the traditional bow tie is sized and of a fixed length although adjustable and ready made styles are also widely available but less formal.


types of bow tie:

- Batwing

- Thistle

- Single-ended


top tips:

1. When wearing a wing collar, if you want to look smarter than the average Joe, go for a batwing collar. This style that originated in the 1930s will give you that extra touch of class.

2. When dressing for White Tie, where a detachable wing collar is required, it is advised that you wear a sized, self tie bow tie for a more polished look as you cannot see the clip if you were to wear a ready made or adjustable bow tie.

3. Always tie your bow tie yourself, a self tied bow tie looks so much smarter than a ready made, and if you can't it's a skill that all well dressed gentlemen should have. Check out our 'How to tie a bow tie' video below if you need a helping hand.

4. And finally, have fun with them! Bow ties are a great way to add colour and flair to any day to day outfit.