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New Arrivals from Filson Posted on 11 Sep 17:11

The temperatures the last few days having us thinking Fall! A time to switch over clothing and accessories. We love Fall because we think it's a time when our products really shine! The deep tans and browns in our leather, that intoxicating smell when you walk in the door, it's all very 'Fall'.


Our newest arrivals include pieces from Filson in those same, tan, brown, navy color schemes with beautiful bridle leather detailing. We think these products give serious bang for their buck. Everything is made in Seattle, WA and we can assure you, no corners are cut in production. Very heavy waterproof twill that will last through the toughest adventures complimented by the deep bridle leather handles and trim. Solid brass hardware and heavy stitching round out the impeccable construction. It's hard to find such a reliable bag these days. 


Filson is a store and customer favorite for work and travel, and we have customers who have built quite the collection over the years.


Some of the most popular products include duffle bags, briefcases and brief bags, hunting and dog accessories. Some more unlikely yet just as functional pieces include their shoulder totes and suit covers. We don't always stock their entire selection but we have everything available to order, we are here to help! And we offer personalization on almost all items! Yes, add that personal touch of initials stamped directly in to the leather, typically on the top of the handle cover.


New addition to the collection:


Tablet Briefcase, available in Tan and Otter Green


tablet briefcase by filson

Special Gift Ideas for Your Graduate Posted on 12 May 12:46

Graduation day is coming for many students across the country. We have the pleasure of working with so many students and families from Georgetown University and George Washington University that are right around the corner from our store. We get to witness the parade of caps and gowns from Undergraduate and a plethora of Graduate Students that graduate each May. An exciting time for everyone and a time to give a sentimental gift that the graduate will always remember.
Sterling and Burke is proud to partner with Smathers and Branson to provide hand-stitched needlepoint products. A large selection of gift items such as a belt, wallet, wood coasters, pillows, and more, these are pieces that will be used for years to come as they proudly represent their university.
Georgetown University Needlepoint Gifts
One of the most popular gifts we sell during graduation season is a briefcase or portfolio to upgrade the class messenger bag or back pack to something a bit more fitting for the office environment. Our selection of American made products from Korchmar, Filson, Ghurka, J.W. Hulme, and Sterling & Burke all fit the bill! Selections that range from a bit more casual, in canvas and leather, or more formal in all leather. We have a wide range of price points to cater to any budget and office environment. From trial lawyer and finance to marketing and everything in between.
Filson Original BriefcaseHulme Slim Portfolio All Leather BriefcaseUnder Arm Portfolio Premium LeatherBusiness Card Case Premium Leather Sterling & Burke
Our superb gift wrapping (color coordinated to your graduate of course) is sure to set this gift apart from any others! Please reach out and as always, let us know how we can be of assistance with your gift giving needs!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Posted on 27 Apr 13:35

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day kicks off a wonderful season for gift giving at Sterling & Burke with graduation celebrations trailing quickly behind and Father's Day in June. It is also a beautiful reminder that summer is right around the corner! Our thoughts of Mother's Day are filled with flowers, with the blooms in Washington, DC in full expression, and warm sunshine (at the risk of sounding incredibly cliche). It's the time to show mom how grateful you are for everything she does for you. Whether she is a new mom, a seasoned pro, or grandmother. We always strive to provide gift ideas that are truly unique and meaningful for the recipient. And as an extra bonus, our gift wrapping is exceptional, and we will make you incredibly proud to give your gift regardless of budget.
Here are a few of our favorite Mother's Day brands and gifts:
Halcyon Days has become one of the most iconic brands in the United Kingdom since it began creating enamel boxes in the 1970s. Since then it has received several Royal Warrants and it continues to produce beautiful products that fit in absolutely anywhere. 
As a proud stockist of Halcyon Days, Sterling and Burke has many of their beautiful bangles, stylish watches, and enamel boxes in our store at all time, the perfect small yet sentimental present for mothers day. We are always very happy to order any items you have have seen from them in from the UK. You may add hand engraving to these bangles or painted personalization on the boxes, for an extra special touch!
cream enamel and gold bangle bracelet for women
With So many Summer events on the horizon, there's nothing mothers love more than a great handbag to take to all of them. The Beatrice Bag is a Sterling and Burke classic, beautifully crafted by hand in the United Kingdom by our world renowned craftsmen. Each bag is individual and unique and all of them are made with our famous bridle leather that will be cherished and last forever (long enough to be passed down to her daughter). There's no better present for a much beloved mother.
luxury bridle leather classic handbag timeless style
On the off chance the weather was to turn (and we all know what summer showers can be like), why not prepare yourself or someone special with one of our handcrafted umbrellas. Hand made in England, these come in a wide variety of woods and sizes, all offering unbeatable style and quality in a product that will last for years. And we promise, rain actually can sound pleasant, even elegant, tapping on the canopy of this umbrella. And if the tassel isn't quite her style, it is easily removed.
english ladies umbrella solid wood shaft maple
This barely scratches the surface of our Mother's Day offering so please don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us know how we can be of assistance. We are always happy to open early, stay open late, make hand deliveries, or even do some FaceTime shopping... however it is most convenient for you to shop! And don't forget our personalization and wrapping services, they make any gift that much more special!
A very Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mother's out there!

Foster & Son Visits on Friday, March 31, 2017 Posted on 28 Mar 17:02

foster and son bespoke shoes london

Sterling & Burke always enjoys the visits from our friends on Savile Row and this week we have the pleasure of hosting Andrew Murphy and Jon Spencer from Foster & Son. 


Established in 1840, Foster & Son is one of the oldest and most respected custom shoe and bootmakers in the World with a reputation for refined "West End" style shoemaking.


To say the process of creating custom footwear is time consuming would be an understatement. It is also absolutely fascinating. We learned a bit on a trip to London not too long ago. Jon Spencer is the head last maker, creating the wooden molds that the shoes are built around. With exacting precision for the intricacies of your foot and step. 


Although their heritage is bespoke shoe and bootmaking for men, they have created a stunning line of slippers for women as well. They have a color assortment that will make you swoon and they are happy to embroider anything on the front. Get creative ladies!


bespoke shoes sterling and burke made in england


bespoke ladies slippers


Call us if you would like more information about these beautiful shoes and boots. These are a truly wonderful addition to your wardrobe!


Snow Day Posted on 14 Mar 14:36

Although late in the season, everyone can appreciate a snow day once in a while! These beautiful original oil paintings by Claire Howard make us appreciate the winters all year round, the idyllic scenes of snow in DC and in the country. 


Flight Into Washington depicts the Washington Monument on a brilliant clear day with a  light dusting of snow. Price: $2,350washington monument snow winter claire howard

Snow Covered Landscape depicts and idyllic country view covered in pristine white snow. Price: 

winter snow scene landscape oil painting claire howard 

Way to Sugarloaf Mountain depicts a country farm scene covered in fresh white snow, makes you want to jump in and run through the fields! Price: $1,400

claire howard oil painting winter snow country barn 


For more information on Claire Howard and her work, please review this page

Cherry Blossom Season in DC! Posted on 13 Mar 16:15

The Cherry Blossom Season, although short, is a magnificent time to be in DC. As residents, we enjoy acting as tourists and taking in the sights and opportunities to celebrate. Peak Blossom time s early this year and is expected to be next week, about the 14th through 16th of March.

At Sterling & Burke, we have brought in brand new original works from our most popular artists to celebrate this special time of year!

Claire Howard is famous for painting beautiful landscapes of the local area and her DC landmark pieces have been selling quickly this year! In this beautiful piece, Claire beautifully captures the cherry blossoms in full bloom as the Washington Monument rises in the background. 
Price: $2,800



This Zachary Sasim piece perfectly captures the Jefferson Memorial during peak Cherry Blossom time. With plenty of cherry blossoms in the forefront, the real star of this piece is how the bright blues of the Tidal Basin and the sky beautifully contrast with the blooms. All of this color allows the Memorial to stand out even though it is in the background.

cherry blossoms washington dc original art zachary sasim
Price: $975



Fabiano Amin has gained quite the reputation for creating abstract modern paintings and his latest work is a fantastic example of this. Rather than painting a traditional landscape, he has instead focused on the ways in which blossoms can fall from their trees. It's a modern twist on a classic piece of DC culture.

cherry blossoms dc fabiano amin abstract art

Price: $1,800


Enjoy the season!

Patriotic Art, Importance of New and Historic Americana Posted on 21 Jan 14:51

As the next Presidential term begins, we have to unique opportunity to celebrate a transition that is in many ways uniquely American. Being a longstanding part of the Washington DC community, we always love these weekends when they come around and they give us a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a truly patriotic event.


In light of this years celebrations, we thought about some of the fantastic patriotic art that we currently have in our store at the moment and the stories behind those pieces. 


Fabiano Amin American Flag Abstract Oil Painting


Nothing feels quite as patriotic as a big American flag and there's nothing we like more than this amazing pop art canvas by Fabiano Amin. A naturalized American, Fabiano has been inspired by patriotism in many of his pieces and has a large range of stars and stripes based pieces with a whole lot of red white and blue!


 Lauran Roosevelt Flag Art Washington DC


This antique flag has been converted into a beautiful and modern piece of art by none other than Laura Roosevelt (yes from that family of Roosevelt's!) We love how the flag and background really fuse together to create a fantastic and unique piece.


George Washington antique bi-centennial flag framed DC 


As we role into an inauguration, we find it fitting to remember the very first and this antique flag commissioned to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the birth of George Washington is the perfect piece to do just that. A true piece of history to commemorate the man who did so much to found our great nation. 


For more information about these and our many other patriotic pieces at Sterling and Burke, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 202.333.2266 or email us at