Globe-Trotter is an iconic British brand that we are thrilled to represent in Washington, DC and online. Well known for their style and impeccable quality. Each inch of these pieces are hand crafted and they are built to last a lifetime and withstand the toughest handling. They are lightweight which is a huge bonus when you are up against airline weight limits as well.



Hand made by Globe-Trotter in Hertfordshire using original manufacturing methods.

Each case is uniquely constructed from vulcanised fibreboard; a special material invented in Britain during the 1850’s consisting of multiple layers of bonded paper.

Handles are produced by the leather team who also form the iconic Globe-Trotter corners over a period of 5-days on antique Victorian presses.




Globe-Trotter cases have been used over the last 117 years by an enviable client list. Captain Robert Falcon Scott travelled with Globe-Trotter on the infamous Antarctic expedition in 1912. Sir Winston Churchill used a Globe-Trotter Dispatch Case whilst he was Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1924.
HM Queen Elizabeth II chose Globe-Trotter for her honeymoon luggage in 1947 (and continues to use her cases to this day). Sir Edmund Hilary ascended to first base camp with Globe-Trotter during his conquest of Everest in 1953.