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Sterling and Burke Luxury Bespoke Stationery | Georgetown, Washington, DC next to Four Seasons Hotel | Washington DC's premier source for engraved bespoke stationery | Absolutely the Finest Quality Stationery that exists for the Business Executive, Embassy and Government Official.

Classic S&B Blank Stationery | Finest Quality | Pure Cotton Paper | Made in USA | Sterling and Burke LTD, Washington, DC

What Sizes are Available when ordering Bespoke Hand Engraved Stationery in Washington, DC? 

Letter size and Legal size, Monarch size, Large Correspondence (Executive size / Invitation size), Medium Correspondence (Personal size), Small Correspondence (Informal size / Gift Card size)

Sterling and Burke's 100% Cotton, luxury paper, hand made in America.

Standard US Letter Size Envelope - 4 1/8 by 9.5 inches

  •            It holds a Standard US Letter Size Sheet Folded in Thirds
  •            It holds a Standard US Legal Size Sheet Folded in Fourths
  •            It holds a Letter Size Correspondence Card / Invitation 
  •             Also known as #10

Monarch Size Envelope - 3.875 by 7.5 inches

  •              It holds a Monarch Size Sheet Folded in Thirds
  •              It holds a Monarch Size Correspondence Card

Large Correspondence / Executive / Invitation Size Envelope - 5.25 by 7.25 inches 

  •            It holds an Large Correspondence / Executive Sheet Folded Once
  •            It holds a Large Correspondence Card / Invitation

Medium Correspondence / Personal Size Envelope -  4.75 by 6.5 inches

  •            It holds a Medium Correspondence / Personal Sheet Folded Once
  •            It holds a Medium Correspondence Card

Small Correspondence / Informal Size / Gift Card Envelope - 3 5/8 by 5 1/8 inches

  •            It holds an Small Correspondence Sheet / Informal Note Paper Folded Once 
  •            It holds a Small Correspondence / Gift Card 

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Specializes in personalized stationery and note cards. Choose from hand engraved personalized stationery sets,  The most lavish stationery to win the 'Thank You' game!
One of the oldest and best stationers, Sterling and Burke specializes in tasteful custom stationery and personal bespoke stationery.  Located in Georgetown, Washington, DC.