Bespoke Production

Bespoke Production by Sterling & Burke Ltd

Sterling & Burke works with master craftsmen & women to produce beautiful, custom leather goods. We most frequently produce business cases, and a customer will typically choose all the details such as leather color, interior lining, hardware & lock style, shoulder strap, etc in order to create a case to specifically suit their needs and style. Our range also includes handbags and travel items. 

However, we can also accommodate true Bespoke, from scratch designs. We would be happy to discuss a completely custom project with you. We have designed many wonderful pieces including trunks, ostrich attaches, Gladstone style bags, and many more.

Below are a handful of images that show leather goods at different stages of production. 

Hand Stitching of the Handle for Attaches and other Business Cases. Produced with 7 layers of leather to form to each individual's grip.

Hand stitched handle English business cases attaches

English Bridle Leather during tanning process


English Bridle Leather hand fed waxes and tallow to create patina

 Bespoke business cases with hand cut patterns

 bespoke production for men and women in England by Sterling and Burke

master leather craftsmen during the bespoke production process 

double needle stitching technique for added durability 

creating the gussets for the triple gusset business case 


 final polishing of the hand stitched briefcase

 fitting all elements of bespoke briefcase together in England