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Branding for Sterling and Burke Ltd

Font for brand and contact details:  Copperplate Bold

Font for text other than the brand (signage and such): Edwardian Script and Garamond | recently a calligraphy font family was created for us | images of signage will indicate font family

The white bag shown has been the nicest S&B bag.  Washington, DC may be larger than our typical proportions.  Washington, DC is often an important component.

Sticking with something similar but a change in the text size and printing (or foil) on both sides would be nice.

Classic elegance was the goal.  Consistency, well-priced quality, desires of clients have always driven decisions.  

Black, Gold, White (off white or pearl white not bright white or fluorescent white) has been the constant from day one.   Please see comments at bottom of page regarding the Black, White, Gold story.

The front of the bag: gold foil stamp (deep gold colour)

Back of bag, Sides, Interior: blank

Handles: black gross grain (knot tied on interior | no grommets)
We have had larger, black gloss bags with gold branding and simple black handles.

Plastic Bags are very useful for travelers - gloss black with gold - two sizes - we have had them printed on one side only - again with Washington, DC (most important with small er plastic bags.

The black gloss bags with a white edge are used when a less fancy bag or less expensive bag is appropriate.  At Christmas, we use a version of these bags in red.  Our Christmas red is a deep, rich red.  The black and white bags shown above and the red version has an oval gold and black sticker on it.  The less fancy version is appropriate for business gifting.

When customers require very large bags we use the version shown here in brown.  We can purchase them in small quantities.  The texture resembles our cross-grain leather. 

Occasionally customers wish not to have any branding on their bag.  In that case, we use the black with white trim (with no sticker) or the red one shown above.  The red one has the same cross-grain texture as the brown.  This paper comes from a mill in Wisconsin.  We have an account with them.

 Another page will focus on business cards, inserts, stationery, signage, certificates of authenticity, care cards, et cetera.   All will be on the paper we have had produced for our range of hand-engraved stationery: 100 percent cotton, pearl white, black ink, Copperplate Bold for name and contact details, everything else in Garamond and our new Calligraphy font (if appropriate).

Four Seasons Hotel has recently changed their shopping bags to very closely resemble our S&B bags.  White with Black handles.  They have black lettering and a black logo. This makes us look very closely associated with Four Seasons.  The FS staff likes that we appear to look associated with each other.

The texture of the FS bag paper is lovely.  Crisp, printed lettering.

Their handle is especially nice - thick and sturdy.  They also have the ribbon in the centre which is new to America.  This is a very British way of closing a shopping bag.


This marketing card has just come out.  They have a new PR Director who likes us very much.  The drawing they are now using is similar to the S&B drawing Alexandra created ten years ago.

FS has indicated it is appropriate to have us mentioned on their Fall card.  The Summer card was put our mid-June 2019.

This little bag is used in the rooms.  Our version is solid black.  We fold the top into a point and place one of our gold and black stickers over the point to hold it shut.  It would be nice to have something similar for S&B.

 Bourbon Steak is the FS restaurant.  This is a frequent bag in S&B.

What is the story with the Black, White, and Gold???

Black, Ivory, and Gold have been the constant, always.  Everything in the store and office has always been this way.  Anything purchased for use in the store is black.  If it must be metal, it is gold.  Only all black computers, telephones are used. Writing instruments are black (special black pencils).  Nothing will be purchased in white unless it is absolutely unavoidable.  For instance, our tape measures are white.  Anything metal is gold.  Our paper clips are gold.  Our scissors (good ones for use in front of clients) are gold.  The good stapler is gold, otherwise, they are black.  Our walls are museum colours but anything that is not a wall, that must be painted is black. Our S&B car is black. The ink we use is black, our furniture is black or black and gold.  If it must be in a wood finish (front door) it has a gold trim and gold fittings.  Fanny wishes to change the exterior wood from dark brown to black.  Our clothing is black, gold, ivory, tan.  We wear solid colours so we may wear appropriate Halcyon Scarves and jewellery or a BUDD silk tuxedo scarf.  When we introduced Budd to S&B we brought in white.  Our pedestals and shelves in the BUDD area are white. This is next to our kitchen (white with black) and the same for the adjoining bath / changing area.  The gift wrap room/stock room has black containers for everything.  The shelves are black or chrome (black shelves are not made in a large size and we have chrome fixtures in the bath). The tables are covered in black, the drapery door opening is gold. On the street level, we have accents of burgundy in our carpet with black and tan.  Burgundy velvet draperies hide our personal items in the Angel Closet.  The bench in the front of the store is now covered in black cloth.  In the past, it was covered in burgundy velvet.
At Christmas time and Valentine's Day, we introduce red.  Red Bags, Red Gift Wrap and wear red.  During Cherry Blossom Time we shift to Pink.  No pink shopping bags but we wear pink, pink carpet in the window display, et cetera.
Sterling & Burke Ltd
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