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Branding for Neighbors:

Suit Supply is next door.  Bridge Street Books is four doors away, toward FS.

The new navy and ivory proposed branding for S&B is quite similar to what is used for Suit Supply.  There are more Suit Supply bags than any other in our part of Georgetown. 

Two other very popular bags are Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers.  Both are navy and gold.  During sale periods (now) RL uses a reasonable white bag with navy lettering.  RL uses the same gift packaging all year long (navy box with gold hot stamp) with the same navy grosgrain ribbon.  Sometimes at Christmas, they use Red grosgrain ribbon.  Brooks uses the same navy and gold (identical to RL) box with a navy or gold tie cord.  They changed their shopping bag for their 200th anniversary but they are back to the navy and gold bag.

Suit Supply has boxes that are navy with ivory lettering and ivory boxes with navy lettering and navy interior.  They do not offer ribbons or gift wrap.  Their customers come to S&B for gift wrap.  It is not unusual for someone to purchase from SS and S&B and S&B provides the packaging/gift wrap.

The texture of the SS bag is nice.  Their cord handle is nice.  RL and Brooks have a more luxurious handle.

A favourite store for our customers is Bridge Street Books.  A small, privately owned book store that has existed in the same location for over 40 years.  Their logo is very similar to what has been proposed.  They also are showing shutters but do not have any.  They never have had shutters, or so they say.

Our plastic bag has a hole cut out.  This style works well for books.  It is not ideal for S&B.

Printing on both sides would be nice, if not too expensive.


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