Bridle Leather Care



An authentic vegetable tanned cowhide/steerhide that is made from the highest quality English animals and products. After the dying process, the leather is hot pressed and hand fed with waxes and tallow. If you allow the leather to sit, undisturbed, a bit of white wax may come to the surface. This can be buffed away. The waxes deep in the leather allow it to break in beautifully with a unique patina over the years. The waxes typically will not sure with regular use and handling. When you first received a bridle leather product, it may feel stiff, though with time, it will break in beautifully. This is a strong leather and these unique characteristics allow it to look just as beautiful on day one as it does 40 years later. 


bridle leather tanning





Polishing your bespoke business case or handbag a couple times per year is recommended to keep the leather moist and in good condition. Polish using only our recommended/provided leather wax and a soft cloth, polishing with a circular motion. Avoid getting too much polish on the thread to prevent discoloration. Wipe any polish from the hardware.



bridle leather waxes and tallow