A New Approach to Neckwear

Bull+Moose was founded with a rugged independent spirit and an ambitious goal: to create luxury quality neckwear at a disruptive and fair price point.

Currently the neckwear market is controlled by a few large companies that have kept prices high through licensing, outsourcing, and retail mark-up processes. Bull+Moose is able to provide luxury quality handmade neckwear at a fraction of the price of large fashion houses, and other preppy retail brands.

The B+M look is a mix of classic style with a modern twist and seasonal inspiration. Every tie is handmade of 100% woven silk or the finest seasonal materials. 

Available exclusively through a few select locations.


Our Design, Style and Sourcing

Bull+Moose is inspired by classic and timeless preppy style

We have created classic preppy neckwear with a modern twist. We have carefully chosen each pattern and design while using the finest materials available. Each tie is handcrafted using only the finest silks, wools, linens and cottons. 



Our ties are made from custom silks, wools, linens and cottons. The fabrics are specially woven for our ties. Bull+Moose uses some of the thickest silks and inner liners on the market to provide a durable tie that also creates a nice sized knot.


Sourcing + Manufacturing

Our ties are crafted on one of the finest production lines in the world alongside several other high-end brands.