Dapper Lapel

Dapper Lapel is part of BespokeUnit.com.

Bespoke Unit was founded in 2013, as its creators wanted to broaden their sartorial horizons and share their experiences along the way. Soon after founding, the owners started to create their own accessories as they could not find their desired options available elsewhere (or were ridiculously expensive!). Soon after people began asking where they were getting their lapel flowers, pocket squares, etc… and thus the Bespoke Unit store was born.  It’s popularity has grown such that it has been nothing short of amazing! Thus in mid 2014, the decision was made to break the site into two sections, marinating the integrity of our mission and to server our readers & customers better.


A selection of colorful flower lapel pins and cufflinks in addition to ties and pocket squares. If you do not see an item you are looking for, please be in touch!