Sterling & Burke Umbrellas by Fox


Fox Umbrellas as been in business since 1868, producing the finest quality British Umbrellas from day one. Sterling & Burke is proud to sell umbrellas handmade by Fox with special embellishments for our discerning customer. 


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Each Fox Umbrella is a handcrafted in England and is truly a piece or art. The crook at the end of each wood shaft is hand bent. The solid wood shafts on the gentlemen and ladies umbrellas are incredibly sturdy and may be used to support you as you walk. Strong ribs ensure this umbrella will never turn inside out on you, even in the strongest wind. The black mother of pearl closure and the rolled gold or sterling silver collar provide beautiful finishing touches. You will begin to enjoy a bit of rain because of the beautiful sound each drop makes hitting the canopy.


A fine umbrella is a wonderful gift. Adding custom personalization makes it even more special. Sterling & Burke tries to carry a good selection of umbrellas in our inventory but we are also happy to place a special order. New production typically takes 4-6 weeks.