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Trafalgar is well known for their custom belts, choose a buckle and strap separately to create your ideal belt. Easily snap straps on and off for endless belt combinations. Proudly producing product in Norwalk, Connecticut, an American Heritage brand represented at Sterling & Burke.


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Trafalgar’s famous Cortina Leather has a long and rich history. Quality is the cornerstone of Cortina Leather. Cortina leather comes from the shoulder area of the hide, this is the one place the contrasting highs and lows of the fat wrinkles show the most depth and richness of color. Trafalgar’s Cortina Leather derives from free-roaming cows of the Belgium countryside where barbwire is never used. This eliminates the inevitable scarring one sees on the hides of other leathers. Paired with Trafalgar’s strict “Quality Control System and Standards” your Trafalgar customers are guaranteed the best product on the market.





All of Trafalgar’s exotic leather is genuine and manufactured with the best quality skins legally available. Trafalgar prides itself on offering both classic styles for those starting a collection as well as unique “must have” accessories for connoisseurs. All pieces are crafted and polished by hand in the USA.