Purple Flowers, Original Oil and Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 10 by 10 Inches

  • Purple Flowers, Original Oil and Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 10 by 10 Inches-Original oil-Sterling-and-Burke
Zachary Sasim

$ 220.00


Original oil painting by artist Zachary Sasim. Beautiful still life depicting an arrangement of purple flowers.

10 by 10 inches on canvas.

Zachary Sasim (also known as Zakhar) has considered himself a painter most of his life. While working professionally for 12 years in Bulgaria, he gradually crafted a unique impressionistic style that is marked by wild and passionate play of colors and is created by combining traditional brush strokes and palette knife technique. Having moved to the United States from Bulgaria in 2004, Zachary has earned the recognition and the respect of the Washington DC community while working at Eastern Market . His bright and colorful paintings have found homes not only in numerous residential houses around the Greater Washington D.C area, but also in the federal government offices. Several United States senators and congressmen are among Zachary's patrons.

Zachary produces two types of art work: Original paintings(oil and acrylic) and Giclée (enhanced print on canvas of his original paintings).

What is Turbopolis?
Turbopolis is the name of Zachary's enterprise. It signifies his fondness of the city architecture and the use of bright and dynamic images(polis - for city and turbo - for movement and dynamics).

Several of Zachary's pieces feature collaboration with his father, Nikolay Sasim, a well known professional Bulgarian painter. Some of the art work signed "Turbopolis", includes brush strokes by Zachary and by Nikolay.

Sasim picked up this painting on 5/26/17.

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