5 Five, Original Acrylic Mixed on Wood Board, 8 by 8 Inches

  • 5 Five, Original Mixed Media, 8 by 8 Inches-Mixed Media-Sterling-and-Burke
Fabiano Amin

$ 200.00


Original mixed media artwork by Fabiano Amin depicting pieces of the Five Dollar on a blue grey background. Fabiano is a local Washington, DC artist known for his patriotic works.  

"I paint daily and life is my inspiration. I am always looking around to see what is new? What is going on? How people are moving? What's happening? 
Growing up in Brazil will always have a profound influence on my art. Tropical color and music are present in my work . 
My primary medium is acrylic. It gives me the flexibility to add layers, to experiment,to build up a piece until I am satisfied with the final idea on canvas, wood, or whichever surface I choose. 
Art is my addiction and therapy . My mind is always working and searching to start "fresh" in a new direction."


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