Antique Rhinestone Sterling - Black and Silver | Rach B

  • Antique Rhinestone Sterling - Black and Silver | Rach B-Earrings-Sterling-and-Burke
Rach B

$ 195.00


Handmade in the USA. Sterling & 14K Gold Filled


A hopeful dream became a reality as designer, Rachel (Bommer) Price, launched the Rach B Jewelry collection in 2007. Inspired by her affinity of jewelry of all sorts since a very young age - new and old, real and costume - it only seemed imaginable that she would have her own line someday.


Rach B's handmade artisan jewelry is feminine and casually luxe that will hold a permanent place in your jewelry collection for years to come. Inspired by anything deco, irresistible shapes, facets, and architecture - Rachel creates each piece with the intention to adapt easily into your life, style, and wardrobe. Rach B Jewelry is proudly handmade in her open-by-appointment Austin, TX - Tarrytown studio using sterling silver and 14K gold-filled metals and semi-precious stones.

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