Budd Plain Suede Gloves in Blue

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Budd Shirtmakers

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Budd Gloves | Suede Gloves | Blue | Cashmere Lining | Budd Shirtmakers | Made in England


These suede gloves in blue offer up velvety softness and a Nappa finish. Their luxurious and contrasting cashmere lining will ensure your hands stay toasty warm. These are perfect companions for days out in Jump Season or walks in the park. It might be Spring, but these days, it is still possible for a Winter’s chill to make its way back!


Glove size is the measurement in inches of the circumference of the four fingers of your dominant hand. Measure using a tape measure; the tape should sit just below your knuckles and your hand should be laid flat.


Sterling and Burke Ltd

Washington, DC

Georgetown, next to Four Seasons Hotel


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