Doorman's Umbrella, Size 27

  • Chestnut Crook Handle Doorman's Umbrella-Golf Umbrella-Sterling-and-Burke
Sterling & Burke Umbrellas

$ 185.00


Classic doorman umbrella with a black canopy, hand made in England. The finest quality available, produced by Fox Umbrellas in England, with enhancements for Sterling & Burke. The hand bent chestnut handle shows all the natural grain of the wood. Metal shaft and double rib frame provide extra strength, this umbrella will never let you down! Fitted with a nickel collar that may be engraved and mother of pearl button closure. 


The size 27 has a canopy diameter of 45 inches. A slightly larger, size 30 is also available and features a 50 inch canopy. If you are interested in a colored canopy please visit the Bespoke Golf Umbrella product page. A full range of colors and plaids are available. Please reach out with enquiries, 202.331.4244

Golf Umbrella


Size 27: Canopy diameter of 45 Inches, Measures 38.75 inches from tip to the top of the crook.


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