Budd Classic Large Spot Batswing Braid Bow Tie

  • Budd Classic Large Spot Batswing Braid Bow Tie-Bow Tie-Sterling-and-Burke
Budd Shirtmakers

$ 115.00


This batswing bow is black with large white spots and is a classic English bow. The batswing has a straight, rectangular, flat shape as opposed to the traditional flair of the thistle bow and was popular throughout the 1920s and 50s.

It is made in South London by a specialist bow making company and is cut from foulard printed silk. It is a self-tied bow, size adjustable and gives a chunkier knot than the thistle bow. It is worn during the day with a suit or at weekends with a jacket - a sartorial statement.

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    PRODUCT NUMBER : B10395 - 10789

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