Ladies Maple Umbrella

  • Ladies Maple Umbrella-Ladies Umbrella-Sterling-and-Burke
  • Ladies Maple Umbrella-Ladies Umbrella-Sterling-and-Burke
Sterling & Burke Umbrellas

$ 415.00


This elegant hand made umbrella is produced from one solid piece of wood with a hand bent crook. The solid shaft provides additional stability and is therefore strong enough to be used as a walking aid. The premium ribbing stands up to any storm. Features a black mother of pearl button closure and a black 100% high grade polyester canopy. Hand made by Fox Umbrellas in England, with special enhancements for Sterling & Burke. 


Maple's beautiful honey colored hues look wonderful with a gold collar. This is truly a classic, luxury umbrella. A sterling silver collar is also available and both may be engraved with initials.


If your preference of collar is not currently available here, or you wish to have a colored canopy, please visit the bespoke product page to build the umbrella to your exact specifications.


Length: Approximately 33.5 Inches from top of the crook to ferrule

Canopy Diameter: 36.5 Inches

Editor's Notes

This is the most popular ladies umbrella in our range because of it's beautiful coloring. Perfectly suited for the most formal or casual occasions. This lightweight umbrella allows for elegant handling in any wild storm. You can truly enjoy the rain with the perfect sound of drops hitting the canopy over head. Makes a wonderful gift any time of year. Add initials for that extra special personal touch.

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