Malacca Gent's Umbrella with Sterling Nose Cap

  • Malacca Gent's Umbrella with Sterling Nose Cap-Gent's Umbrella-Sterling-and-Burke
Sterling & Burke Umbrellas

$ 585.00


Also known as the Price of Wales Umbrella, this malacca cane solid shaft umbrella features a sterling silver collar and nose cap. This magnificent hand made umbrella is produced from one solid piece of wood with a hand bent crook. The solid shaft provides additional stability and is therefore strong enough to be used as a walking aid. The premium ribbing stands up to any storm. Features a black mother of pearl button closure and 100% high grade polyester canopy, typically produced in black. Other color requests are usually made to order. Hand made by Fox Umbrellas in England, with special enhancements for Sterling & Burke. 


Malacca wood is a honey brown color, beautifully finished and polished. Engraving on collar is available. Custom color canopies are also available. Please reach out with enquiries, 202.331.4244


Length: 36 Inches from top of crook to ferrule

Canopy Diameter: 42 Inches


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