Oak Gent's Umbrella, BESPOKE

  • Oak Gent's Umbrella, BESPOKE-Gent's Umbrella-Sterling-and-Burke
  • Oak Gent's Umbrella, BESPOKE-Gent's Umbrella-Sterling-and-Burke
Sterling & Burke Umbrellas

$ 425.00


This magnificent hand made umbrella is produced from one solid piece of wood with a hand bent crook. The solid shaft provides additional stability and is therefore strong enough to be used as a walking aid. The premium ribbing stands up to any storm. Features a black mother of pearl button closure and 100% high grade polyester canopy. Other color requests are usually made to order. Hand made by Fox Umbrellas in England, with special enhancements for Sterling & Burke. 


The wood is a deep brown with fairly distinctive very dark brown and black graining. This is an elegant and fairly formal umbrella. 


Please use the options below to build an umbrella to your specifications. Gold and sterling silver collars in addition to colored canopies and a sterling nose cap are available. Production will typically take 6-8 weeks and we will be in touch shortly after the order is placed to confirm details and timeline.


Length: 36 Inches from top of crook to ferrule

Canopy Diameter: 42 Inches


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