The First 25 Years of Halcyon Days Enamels by Susan Benjamin

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Halcyon Days

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Enamels Book, The First 25 Years of Halcyon Days Enamels   ...The Revival of an English 18th-Century Craft by Susan Benjamin

The Georgian art of enamelling was comparatively short-lived.  From its beginnings around 1750 it lasted less than 100 years and by 1840 had died out completely.  This book tells the story of the revival of one of England's most endearing crafts by Halcyon Days Enamels.

The revival of English 18-century enamels followed a chance encounter between two companies - one a London antique shop specialising in English enamels and the other a manufacturer of enamel for domestic use whose factory happened to be in Bilston, one of the leading centers for the production of enamels in Georgian times.  In 1970 an association was formed whereby the antique shop, Halcyon Days, would design and market the small enamel objects d'art inspired by those made over a century earlier which the firm in Bilston would produce.

The joint venture was a success and Halcyon Days Enamels are now treasured by discerning collectors world wide.  This book tells the story of the first twenty-five years, from 1970 to 1995, and illustrates over five hundred of the outstanding designs produced, including those made for the royal family as well as many others issued in association with leading international museums, galleries and artistic organisations.



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